The Congressional Radio and Television Galleries are supervised by their Executive Committee of Correspondents, subject to the direction and control of the Speaker and the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.

Applicants desiring admission to the Congressional Radio and Television Galleries shall be Washington, DC-based, electronic newsgathering organizations that declare they meet the following requirements:

  • They are not engaged in the prosecution of claims or the promotion of legislation pending before Congress, the Departments, or the independent agencies, and that they will not become so employed without resigning from the galleries;

  • They are not employed in any legislative or executive department or independent agency of the Government, or by any foreign government or representative thereof;
  • They do not engage in any lobbying activities;
  • They do not and will not, directly or indirectly, furnish special information to any organization, individual, or group of individuals for the influencing of prices on any commodity or stock exchange during the time they retain membership in the galleries;
  • They are seeking accreditation to cover the U.S. Congress only;
  • Their chief attention is given to – or more than one-half of their earned income is derived from – the gathering or reporting of news.
  • The Executive Committee of Correspondents may consider additional requirements at its discretion.

For more information on joining the Senate Radio-Television Gallery, contact Mike Mastrian.