What does the Radio-Television Gallery do? The gallery facilitates but does not promote broadcast coverage of Senate activities. We have five functions: accreditation, liaison, distribution of information, management of logistics, and enforcement of rules.

Are the Gallery studios open to the public? No. The Gallery is open only to Members of Congress, congressional staff and the news media.

Can a Senator book a press conference in the Gallery studio? Yes. However, except in the case of the Majority and Minority Leaders, members must get an invitation from a member of one of the Congressional Media Galleries.

Why? The studio is run by the Executive Committee. It is intended for news conferences. The idea behind the invite procedure is to guarantee interest in the topic, and not have a Senator walk in to the studio to no waiting press.

Can a Senator book a press conference at the Senate Swamp? Yes. But only if the Senator will be participating in the event, and the event is not a "rally". The Senator's staff needs to advise us of the date, time and subject matter. Non-Members may participate in the event. If the event is canceled, we request notification as early as possible.

Can a Senator have an exclusive interview in the Senate Studio? Yes. Usually the network conducting the interview books this, but yes, it happens all the time. There IS a possibility of an exclusive interview being bumped for a news conference, as news conferences generally take precedence over other uses of the studio. We also have our "small studio", which is an alternative location for exclusive interviews with Senators.

Can the Gallery staff help with media at an event (hearing, photo op, stakeout, ceremonies, etc...)? Yes. We can provide on-site assistance if cameras and reporters are expected to attend or offer advice for smaller events. We also can help coordinate with the Capitol Police.

Does the Gallery keep track of who is speaking on the floor, vote results and times individual members are speaking? Yes. We can answer these questions from a daily log of Senate proceedings. However, this information is exclusively compiled for broadcasters.

Does the Gallery maintain records detailing broadcast coverage of committee hearings? Yes. We create and maintain records of committee hearing coverage requests.

Can the Gallery answer questions about where broadcasters may film within the Capitol complex? Yes. We can answer these questions by referring to guidelines developed cooperatively by the Senate leadership and broadcasters. See Rules and Procedures for more details.

Does the Gallery maintain a tape library of Senate floor proceedings or news conferences? The Gallery does not have access to programming tapes produced by any news organization or the Senate Recording Studio. We are simply the coordinating office for those with news crews and equipment.

Do all Congressional correspondents work in the Radio-TV gallery? No. There are four Congressional press galleries on the Senate side. The Radio-TV Gallery is located in S-325 of the Capitol. The Daily Press Gallery is located in S-316, the Periodical Press Gallery in S-320, and the Press Photographers Gallery in S-317.

How many members of the broadcast press are currently accredited by the Congressional Radio-TV Galleries? The gallery currently credentials over 3,700 Washington based members.

How can my organization get credentialed by the Radio-TV Gallery? Go to our membership link for details.