The Senate Radio-Television Gallery is one of four press rooms or “galleries” serving as newsrooms for members of the media who cover the Senate. We are located in Room S-325 of the Capitol, telephone (202) 224-6421. It is the office where the radio and television correspondents work when they cover the Senate. There are similar offices on the Senate side for other branches of the news media. We serve as a liaison between Congressional offices and the electronic media. Most major broadcast news organizations have regularly staffed bureaus in this office.

Under Senate Rules, the Senate Radio-Television Gallery, like the other Senate and House media galleries, is under the control of an Executive Committee of correspondents. Journalists administer the Gallery and decide who qualifies for Gallery press credentials.

Radio & TV Gallery Staff

Director: Mike Mastrian

Deputy Director: Ellen Eckert

Michael Lawrence 

Erin Yeatman

Charles Moxley

Tamara Robinson

The staff serves as a liaison between Senate offices and news correspondents and works to keep broadcasters informed of Senate activities. Senate Gallery staff members attend all Senate functions covered by the broadcast media and may be called upon for assistance or for a list of those members of the broadcast media attending.

Some of the key functions of the Gallery are:

  1. To coordinate use of Gallery studio.
  2. To coordinate coverage of Senate Committee hearings.
  3. To coordinate coverage of stakeouts, photo opportunities and other media events.
  4. To help Senate staff in setting up press conferences.
  5. To record a chronological log of Senate floor activities.
  6. To compile a list of the next day’s committee hearings.
  7. To record which Gallery members and organizations cover press conferences, hearings and other events.